X is considered as the ultimate variable.

It is a variable that’s limited only by one’s imagination, the answer to any question, the mark of discovery leading to a solution, and ultimately, a creation.

In PROJECT X – X represents the infinite potential of the Filipinos – the limitless capacity to adapt, to evolve, and to strike change for the better.

We aim to harness this potential through Project X: the Search for the New Pinoy Superheroes.

Project X targets the Pinoy aspiration to be better, turning their ideas into reality, Inyo something seen and eXperienced.

It aims to bring out the iconic trademark of the Filipino’s imagination and creativity which is responsible for them to create their own legends, myths, and unique superhero characters.

Project X offers a platform for Filipino creators to come up with their own superhero characters, devise a story for them, and have them come to life, onscreen, funnelling this creativity to promote Filipino values and culture that will be relevant to the times.

It is an open playground for all creators to showcase their world-class Filipino superhero creations.

It sees to it that the Pinoy Superhero X’s submitted in this search will ultimately become something more: an icon of Pinoy culture that goes beyond the drawing board, leaving a mark in the long running history of Filipino creativity with a chance to win prizes that would reward the winning creators for their work.